With this training you will develop a great cardiovascular resistance, in a class that integrates different box movements and martial arts. It is a class that will help you increase condition and strength, using box sacks, gloves and other accessories.


A discipline that combines breathing, meditation and a series of stretching and strength exercises that will help to correct bad posture, increase flexibility, strength and also to release stress.


Stationary bike routine in which you will work cardio on a high level. With this routine you will exercise legs and buttocks.


Extreme training to burn fat and calories.
This program was specially design to raise your cario level out of your comfort zone.

Using rip60 (suspension bands) combined with, plyometrics, accessories and exercises using your own body weight for 1min x 1min intervals or more.
Sometimes TABATA intervals.


A class where all the work is focused on Buttocks, Abdomen and Leg.

In this class, we also use accessories to carry out the work focused on each area.


Circuit training is a chain of specific exercises that are carried out consecutively for a set amount of time.


Pilates routine personalized to the condition and possibilities of the practitioner, assisting in the proper execution of the exercises.

The work is carried out in apparatus specially designed for each movement, whose operation is tailored to each person.


All the muscles of the body are worked, with fast repetitions without breaks, concatenating the exercises practically with each other, reason why the periods of rest between series are very short obtaining a good aerobic resistance and tonifying all the muscles together with a pronounced and effective loss of grease.


The Tabata method is a form of training that is known as one of the best known to get in shape and burn fat very efficiently. It is a class at intervals in which very little time is used, but not because of short duration, it is no longer a hard training, if not quite the opposite; is a high intensity class.